As a repairs orientated company we can often avoid the need to replace your faulty windows and doors. The problems encountered are usually easily remedied by a simple repair or replacement of a part whether it's locks, lockstrips, hinges, etc..

Window repairs where misted or cracked units are concerned will result in a replacement double glazed unit.

Shrunken gasket is another common problem with double glazing, however, there is no need to panic. A shrunken gasket does not mean your glazed unit is at risk of falling out, it is quite safe. It may cause some draughts and may look a little unsightly, but it is easily cured.

Aluminium and uPVC patio doors often suffer from worn tracks and wheels, which can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing your patio doors.


Handyman Jobs.

All Garden Maintenance eg fencing, paving, clearing, greenhouses, sheds etc...

All Internal Household Jobs eg painting. bathroom & kitchen fitments, plastering, electrical work, flat pack furniture, worktops etc....

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